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A Message for Incoming Freshmen

2016'17 Frehmen in order from left to right Pulina Nuñes, Breana Meza, Oscar Perez, and Francisco Cruz.

2016'17 Frehmen in order from left to right Pulina Nuñes, Breana Meza, Oscar Perez, and Francisco Cruz.

Ana Martinez

Ana Martinez

2016'17 Frehmen in order from left to right Pulina Nuñes, Breana Meza, Oscar Perez, and Francisco Cruz.

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New freshmen from different junior high schools come to Yuma High School every year to start their first high school year here. Many of those new students don’t know what to expect when they get to high school. High school is full of different things and it’s most likely not what they expected or what others said it would be like, but you’ll eventually like it.

“Get on the teacher’s side,” YHS freshman Oscar Perez said.

Getting on the teacher’s side is a good idea because if the teacher doesn’t like you, there is a high possibility that your freshmen year is not going to go well.

“Get your work done and turned in,” Freshman Breana Meza said.

Meza has a good point because if you don’t turn work in you might fail the semester and have to go to ELP, that is an after-school program or Summer school which no one wants to go because they are missing out on their vacation.

“People usually tell you things like high school is going to be scary but it’s actually not scary,” said Paulina Nuñes.

Yes, people say high school is scary and it can be but you’ll never know until you live your own experience.

Ana Martinez
Administrative secretary Marisol Moreno

“I didn’t like my freshmen year, it was boring, it’s not what I expected” said Francisco Cruz the last freshmen we interviewed.

You don’t know what to expect when you first come to high school. It can be fun and you should make the most of it but you need to do your work too.

“Always put school first,” Administrative secretary Marisol Moreno said.

Putting school work first and having fun after is a good choice because it helps you and guides you to your future.

A big impact in school are friends. Do you stick with them until the end of the year?

“Yes” said Nunez and Meza.

“No” Cruz said.

“I don’t have any friends,” Perez said.

In the end, you won’t always finish the high school year with the friends you came in with. It may be easy to make friends but for some people it’s not so easy.

Being in sports also helps you make friends but at the same time it helps your education. Joining a sport can be a motivation to keep your grades up because if you don’t have good grades you can’t play. Keep in mind that sports and extracurricular activities will always help you and it calls the colleges attention too so try to join as much clubs and sports that you’d like.

“If I could change something from my school year I would change my electives,” said Cruz.

Sometimes you don’t like your electives because you didn’t get what you chose. If you didn’t get what you chose you can go to your counselor and change your elective to something else that you’d like if it’s available.

How do you feel about the freshmen coming in next year?

“They are probably going to be annoying,” Cruz said and Meza agreed with him.

New freshmen may or may not be annoying but it’s they’re just new teenagers in a new school where everything is different.

Coming to a new school where everything is different might be hard because you don’t know what to expect. You might feel unwelcome and out of it but you’ll blend in. You’ll be okay incoming freshmen.

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A Message for Incoming Freshmen