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Mr. Criminal Pageant Cancelled

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The annual Mr. Criminal pageant, originally scheduled for April 28, was postponed because of the multitude of off-campus events and field trips happening that day. After it was moved to May 22, student council found themselves with a lack of participants to work with.

Ultimately, the show was cancelled.

“We decided to reschedule for May 22 so we could get more senior boys to participate. When we rescheduled we had five boys slotted to participate, but as the date drew closer three of the five participants dropped out/cancelled on us. “Mrs. August said that she was very sad by this because it is a fun tradition.” Student Council did their part in advertising, preparing, and planning the event,but without student interest.

Mrs. August said that our goal as a Council is to make school a more student-centered and enrich environment. If our audience (the student body) does not buy in, then we have no events to plan or school spirit. It was a very disappointing outcome to a 20+ year tradition at Yuma High School. Mrs. August said it is my hope that our seniors are more involved and spirited next year so we can achieve our goals as a council.

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Mr. Criminal Pageant Cancelled